Start Linux!

Whether you’re a Developer or just a new Linux user, Oikyo is the best way to start & increase your over-all Linux Skills and guarantee a smooth transition from Windows To Linux

Ultimate Control

Oikyo provides the environment for User-friendly features, such as the intuitive user interface. It comes with tweak tools, visual effects manager etc so that you can even retweak our works.

Quick Access

Get instant access to all your favorite Ubuntu Apps. & custom apps Pre-installed. It comes with 280+ most frequently used software preinstalled and a preconfigured system.


Replaces Windows

Yes! Linux can completely replace Windows. We have thousands of applications, built-in support for most hardware. And here, Oikyo Linux can be a good start for you


No Virus

Linux is a very secure system. There is built in security. You'll never need an antivirus software in Linux. So with Oikyo, you are safe as long as you perform the security updates.


Based on Ubuntu

When it comes to speed and simplicity of deployment, nothing touches Ubuntu. And this is Why Oikyo Is built into it. Everything you get with your standard Ubuntu Comes with Oikyo.


Oikyo Linux is a custom operating system created especially for beginners.


Oikyo Linux comes with everything that a user may need. It comes with a wide range of 290 Apps preinstalled. It comes with the Ubuntu Software Center where you can find thousands of software to download & install.

User friendly

Oikyo Linux is very easy to use.

As Oikyo Linux comes with a wide range of apps preinstalled and the system is preconfigured, you don’t need to worry about anything. You can jump to your works right after the installation.

What is a Desktop Environment?

Desktop environment is the GUI user interface where the user is dropped after he logs in to his user account.

Oikyo Linux comes with 3 desktop environments preinstalled in a single system. So if you don’t like Unity, which is our default desktop environment, you can switch to KDE, Gnome (and it’s versions like Classic and Flashback from the login screen.

More features.

There are a lot more features in Oikyo Linux. So Download Oikyo Linux today and discover all the features of Oikyo Linux.


We have some Extra add-on’s Available For Oikyo Linux. Such as Scripts and one-Click Installers.
Office Suite
Oikyo Linux comes preinstalled with LibreOffice packages having the ability to import and export Microsoft office documents.
You can install Steam and enjoy more than thousand games available for Linux+SteamOS in Oikyo Linux.
Built in Server
Oikyo Linux 2 adds the server packages. So you can start your website project right in your computer. It even has a Joomla! preinstalled.