Here you can find some common questions & answers we have come across.

Common Queries and Questions:

If I install Oikyo in my computer, will it wipe out the entire hard disk?

Of course not, as long as you don’t choose “Erase everything and install Oikyo” on the installer.

What prices are our services?

Free! Of course. In the future, there may some things we have like shirts and stickers, etc..

Can i add custom items, and where do i get them?

Yes, you can add custom items to Oikyo, just as you would any other distro. We have a section for custom scripts/add-ons in our menu.

How do i install Oikyo when i already have a OS on my system?

You have the options to dual boot Oikyo side-by-side with your current OS the same as you would with Ubuntu.

How do i add a server to my Oikyo OS?

Well, You don’t have too! We took the liberty to install that already for you. We encourage you to learn more, and why not start with a mini website project in your local host, which might be the next big Google 😉

What is the password of mysql and phpmyadmin?

The MySQL user is ‘root’ and the password is ‘oikyo’ Same with PHPMyAdmin.

Where I can find an antivirus program for Linux?

As we mentioned in our homepage, Linux does not require any kind of antivirus because it has security in it’s core.

What support options are available?

We have a forums support coming soon: Also we have a Facebook group/page You can find us, and others there willing to help with any questions you may have. Or just to simply discuss things.

Who are our partners?

We’re open source: You’re our partners.

What languages do we offer support in?

We offer support mainly in English but Bengali is available too.

What job opportunities are available?

We’re always looking for more people with coding, graphics, web and all kinds of other skills to join us as a volunteer.