Yesterday I booked Ola Cabs and the experience was one of the worst ones! Talking about cabs, I don’t really book cabs, mostly I prefer train or metro or bus, but as I got a free ride via my friend’s referral code I booked Ola. Well, this was my first ride in Ola and was probably the last one. Anyway, let’s proceed to the story. I’ll also compare the experience with Uber.

First I booked the cab and after tapping Ride Now I was waiting for the driver to call me. After waiting for some minutes, I called the driver. The driver was asking me for instructions to reach to me, I gave him a ruff idea and suggested to follow the map as the driver should get my location in his phone. After this I was waiting for the cab to come pick me up, and I was also following his location in the Ola app. Well, the driver took wrong way several times, he called me at least three times during the drive, and finally he got to me!! Here is a picture of his route:


After I rode the cab, the driver started complaining, where I should be complaining that I had to wait for too long. He was saying like:

You could have come out from your home and wait for me… Not only you, nobody comes out from their house… This is not right… blah blah blah…

Then I told him If I went to the road then I could have chosen the yellow taxis. People who choose Ola over those taxis expects a better service, that’s why we book these.  But he was still talking blah blah blah… I was not really interested talking about him. And about his trouble reaching to me, he still blamed me. I told him why he didn’t follow the map, he answered he followed the GPS. Well, how can map do that kinda mistake? Shouldn’t a cab driver be aware about roads, expertise in finding places? Anyway, I was not interested talking with him. Here ends the part one of the story, let’s move on to the second one.



After reaching a point, we had to go right, instead he took left, which was totally opposite from my destination. The driver told me that he is almost out of fuel, so he need to refill. Well, he went 1 kilometer to the nearby petrol pump and returned back. This 2 kilometer was also build in my ride. I didn’t tell anything because it was on the free ride of ₹200 and I wanted to see what he actually does. Here is his route:

End of part two, now the last one.



The driver told me he doesn’t know salt lake area well. He was continuously asking me for direction. I told him that I have no idea about the path here, just take me to the bus stop and from there I know the route. So in the end, I opened up Google Maps and assisted him by me getting assistance from Google Maps. 

With the same pickup location and destination, Uber billed me ₹144, where Ola billed ₹197! Uber’s estimated fare was ₹140-₹150 and Ola estimated ₹120!



So this is my experience with Ola Cabs. And from this point I’d say probably never again. I’m happy with Uber. I went to the same place as mentioned before. All my Uber experiences were very good, I can’t expect better. What do you think about Ola or Uber? Which you will use in future? Write in the comment section bellow.


Thank you for reading!